Get 5 Super Simple Tips To Keep Your Blood Sugars Under Control!

The shock of your diagnosis is starting to get easier to swallow, but the overwhelm hasn’t.

You dread having to sit in a group class for hours while some well meaning women tries to show you endless nutrition labels and models of fake plastic food. What if the class is filled with my parent’s friends or neighbors?

But the thought of a 1:1 session also makes you squirm; all eyes on you. And what if it’s all cookie-cutter information? Will she work with my already hectic schedule and realize homemade meals EVERY SINGLE DAY are out of the question? And what if she takes away my Friday night martini?

I can tell you for certain,

I will work with your schedule,

I will work with take-out Tuesday,

I will work with your martini.

With 3 small children, a professional career and a husband whose job doesn’t stop when he hits the threshold, I understand overwhelm. I also understand, where healthy shortcuts can be made, where schedules change on any given day (so much for trying that new recipe tonight, you now have a last minute evening meeting) and most importantly where a few minutes of self love and a little prepping can go a long way.

I’m that friendly stranger in line behind you that you could talk to for hours. That you find yourself sharing weird stories with, that you think “have we met before?”

I would love to meet you. To hear your stories, share in triumphs and teach you how to make things simpler.

Where diabetes isn’t one more thing on your “To Do” list.

No more worry.

No more dread.

Just ease. Oh and fun!

It’s your time now. Let’s get this party started!

Diabetes 101


This plan is perfect if you’re short on time and prefer lots of email interaction.

You’ll get 2, 1:1- 1 hour long intensive Skype sessions where we focus on food and diabetes. You’ll learn WHAT to eat, HOW MUCH to eat, WHEN to eat and WHEN not to eat.

You’ll get your calculated personal macronutrient needs to assist in weight loss and 1 personalized full day meal plan (3 meals + 1 snack) made up of your favorite foods with recipes as needed.

You’ll have access to printable handouts of all content discussed just in case you forget.

The best part, 30 days of support via email to answer those random questions that pop up in your head in the middle of the night and encouragement along the way to help you stay on track!

Your Investment: $497

Let's Get Started!

No More Worry. No More Dread. We Got This.


[Highly Recommended for the brand spanking new diabetes diagnosis]

You get all what Diabetes 101 brings to the table but we don’t just talk food and diabetes. We talk DIABETES! We talk about the medications. Why you should be checking your blood sugar. How to check your blood sugar. What the numbers mean and what to do if your blood sugars are too high or too low. When do you talk to your doctor and what to say. You’ll learn what others factors raise your blood sugar beside food.

For 3 months, we’ll plan for 5, 1 hour Skype sessions, you’ll get 4 personalized full day meal plans (12 meals + 4 snacks) and a full 90 days of email support and accountability. As a bonus, at month 6 you’ll have a free 1 hour check in session.

This package is highly recommended for anyone that requires proof of formal diabetes education. For an extra $75 a post test can be taken, graded and sent to your place of employment.

Your Investment: $1497

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You Can Be the BOSS Of Your Diabetes!


For 6 months, it’s you and me. It’s weekly Skype calls the first month, then every month after with as much texting or emailing support as needed.

We don’t just talk diabetes and everything  the concierge program offers, we talk WHOLE body. 

We talk stress and most importantly stress reduction. We talk gut health and get your microbiome back on track. We take your Vision of where you want your health to be and work on making it a reality, TOGETHER.  

Medications, supplements, all reviewed for possible interactions. Labs also reviewed for possible trends and explained so you can understand them with ease.

You’ll receive 7 personalized full day meal plans (that’s 21 meals + 7 snacks) and an exercise regimen developed by a Certified Personal Trainer. As a bonus I’ll be checking in on you via email or text during the year.

Your Investment: $2497

Let's Get Started!

Kim completely over delivers in her wealth of knowledge.

She gave me a specific plan of how to ramp up my sons nutrient needs for football in a very healthy, easy to follow plan.

She even told me where to shop for the items at our local store.

By explaining the science behind the suggestions, we were given the peace of mind knowing they came from sound experience and knowledge.

Laura Tyson

ACSM Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor

When I was struggling with outdated ideas about diet and nutrition, Kim came to the rescue! She was incredibly encouraging, took time out of her busy schedule both at home and at work to check in, provided encouragement and support, and shared her extensive knowledge of nutrition, wellness, and fitness.

The “extras” she had me do – meditation, a short full-body exercise regimen, and a Vision Statement are very powerful and are things I continue to utilize in my quest to get and stay healthy.

She was very easy to talk to, never made me feel silly or stupid, and helped me in areas that I struggled, such as how to plan ahead for a trip, how to deal with weekends that are less structured, and how to handle dining out to stay on track.

I am very fortunate to have met Kim and look forward to our continued collaboration!!

Emily Conboy

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, PhD Candidate

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm taking care of my mom/husband who has diabetes, can I still work with you instead of my mom/husband?

Absolutely! I always encourage the whole family to get involved. Support is essential and everyone in the family can benefit from learning some healthier tips.

Do you work with people that have Type 1 diabetes?

No but I know lots of people that do. I’d highly recommend you work with an endocrinologist as well as an RDN, CDE (Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Certified Diabetes Educator), preferably close to you. Insulin to carb ratios, adjusting sliding scale insulin and insulin pumps are wonderful tools that I’m not good at teaching.

What if I don't have diabetes, can we still work together?

 Would LOVE to!! One of my favorite classes I teach at the hospital is the cardiac rehab class. But I also work with weight loss, digestive issues, geriatric nutrition and lots of stuff in between. Toss me an email or let’s talk via Skype to develop your own package and price.

I have a few questions, can I email you them?

Please do! Feel free to bend my ear, I may just use it for an upcoming blog post. However, if it takes me longer than 15 minutes to give you a thorough answer or involves an assessment (ie. how many calories, carbs, protein you should be eating) I’ll let you know my ala carte charges and we can go from there.

Do you accept insurance?

No. While I do have an active NPI number (National Provider Identifier) issued through the US Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicaid and Medicare, I do not accept insurance at this time. However, my services may be reimbursed. Make sure a send a copy of your receipt to your insurance company. It never hurts to try.

Can I use my HSA (Health Savings Account) card for payment?

    Yes. At least we can try. Ultimately you are responsible for what gets covered in case of an audit. I can easily send you a receipt detailing our education sessions.

What are your credentials?

Technically I’m a MS, RDN, LDN or Masters of Science in Clinical Nutrition graduate that is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist as well as a Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist.

I did my undergraduate work at Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY graduating Cum Laude. (I missed the Magna part by 2 tenths! Yes I’m still bitter.)

My Master’s is from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.

Um, How do you say your last name?

It took my mom years AFTER I was married to get it right!

It’s Len- Ah- Han. Think Lend A Hand without the “d’s”.

Still undecided? Got more questions?

Schedule a (complimentary) 15-min call to explore if we’d be a good fit working together.

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