Warning: This blog post isn’t about BPA’s and microwaving in plastic. It’s not about pesticides and hormones in our food. It’s about weeds. And not the kind that grow in the garden. Or the kind that make you crave Taco Bell.

It’s about the toxic energy around us.

This past week’s reoccurring theme in my life has been about “weed management” as a good friend nicely called it “you know the people that stifle your own growth.” I immediately loved this analogy. As we know, some people’s weeds are another person’s flowers. So, unfortunately although we may love the thought of calling in the big guns (perhaps with cousins named Vinny) to take down all the weeds in one’s life, that’s not really nice. And you may land yourself in the pokie. Plus they may be beautiful to someone else. (although we really can’t imagine why…but none the less)

During this same time, a Facebook friend also posted this:

“If you feel like you’re swimming in a sea of Facebook non-sense, get intentional about it and clean up your newsfeed.

See who you want to see.

Get clear on your relationships and what you want out of them. Know when you’re feeling like some things need to change with that person.”

And that’s when I realized what was happening. You know the post from Mr. or Ms. Grumpfish that makes you roll your eyes at all the negativity that is written on a daily basis. Yet, we still pause, read it, get a little “grr”, and mumble to ourselves about please just show me a picture of your cat, be happy and get on with it! Well I realized that that person’s unhappiness was ever so slightly affecting me. I’m not getting anything out of that relationship. I’m just getting the undertone of yuckiness. And I didn’t do anything! So good-bye my little weed.

I also noticed this in another feed. But instead of it coming from the “woe is me” acquaintance, it came from a health professional. And it came in the form of fear. Fear in certain foods typically consumed. Fear in vaccines. Fear in medicine. Fear in tap water. At every turn fear.

To me this constant fear is equivalent to toxic sludge. Because with this type of fear brings self-doubt, guilt, irrational thinking, stress and possibly quick impulse decisions to buy the latest “fill in the blank” potion, oil, cleaner, supplement to make it all better. And without proper education of where those “fear forward” statements are coming from, you could also become another voice of fear and quickly alienate others.

For me, that’s not what I want to see. I don’t want to live nor breed fear.

Perhaps that’s another reason Misfit Nutrition is being born. To bring a space that is fear free. That is happy. That lets us enjoy food and friends coupled with a dose of healthy in a weed free manner.

I can’t wait for you to join me. And I promise it really is Coming Soon!! 

In the meantime, are there any weeds in your feed that need some Round-Up? It’s ok, a little squirt will be just fine.

As Always… Hugs!!