We all know these people; candy jar people that is. Usually disguised as well meaning colleagues or doting grandmas. That person that keeps a candy jar filled at all times with the tantalizing selections of Kit Kats, Hershey kisses or maybe the newest flavor of M&M’s. No boxes of stale Gum Drops in these bowls that are happily displayed in prominent areas of one’s home or office.

These candy jar enablers typically are found year round, however, it’s not until the decorative fancy Halloween festive cauldrons come out do we really notice. Ok, we notice them all year, however, it just seems this is when it starts. Where candy season and the loss of self control begin flirting (again). Where cauldron bowls morph into cornucopias, then slyly into Santa bags, then into a snowmen hat before the traditional red heart shaped candy dish wraps it up to be met a few months later in an Easter basket. It’s endless.

And all the Resistance is Exhausting.

It seems once you cave, it’s harder to re-stoke the motivation flame.

There’s no bathing suit season around the corner. For many of us, we’re looking at over 100 days of Parka wearing weather. (Just writing that made me want to vomit).

But what can all those little innocent pieces of tastiness really do to us? It can’t be that bad.. right? We’re not talking like it’s satan dressed in silver foil…..or is it.

Last year I talked about ways to overcome Halloween and that scary word Moderation, a word I usually loathe. Check that out here if you need a recap.

This time we need to focus on how we combat the candy jar enabler?

Let’s take a look at some fun research.

A study by Brian Wansink and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign researchers James Painter and Julie Hieggelke found that when candy dishes were both visible and convenient, office workers ate 5.6 more chocolates each day than when dishes were visible but inconvenient, and 2.9 more than when dishes were convenient but not visible. In other words, while both actions led to a decline in consumption, moving food to an inconvenient location cut consumption more than placing it in a concealed (but easily accessible) location.” 

What this means is that lovely Peg in accounting, the next office over with her witch’s hat full of Snickers, needs to move said hat away from the doorway where you can reach in and grab a piece before she can even look up and say Boo.

Got an office mate that LOVES the attention that her candy draws in but is doing a number on your waistline? Gift her a beautiful orange, opaque halloween candy jar complete with lid and make sure your back is to it. Out of sight, out of mind. And how pathetic that we really are too lazy to lift the lid to grab the goods. At least not 5.6 times more, just maybe 2.9.

Of course, you could always offer to buy unknowingly evil candy pusher a bag of your least favorites to fill the bowl.

And well if the candy is at Grandma’s…. well you better take a few. You don’t want to hurt her feelings.

So now I have to know, do you have a candy jar enabler at your office? in your home? Is it rough?

Or better yet, let’s hear the confession! Are YOU the candy enabler?

As always, Hugs!!



PS.Change is coming. Get ready to be introduced to Misfit Nutrition. Stay tuned.