Get 5 Super Simple Tips To Keep Your Blood Sugars Under Control!

What are we going to have for dinner tonight? Take out again?

Wonder if I should just go gluten free? Or paleo?

Oh shoot, drinks with the girls Friday night…Can I have wine? Hmmm maybe a margarita?!

Do they even know I have diabetes now? Should I tell them?  I just know they’re going to watch every little thing I eat. Why didn’t I take that baby weight off 9 years ago?!

Since you were diagnosed with diabetes, has your brain been consumed with thoughts of what to eat? Per Cornell University researchers, we make over 200 food related decisions A DAY! And I swear moms make more.

Throw diabetes in the mix and what once just started out as the “what’s for dinner” question on the ride home from work has taken over your life. At every turn it seems that the morning meeting doughnuts, candy jar at the bank, endless birthday office celebrations and obligatory PTA meeting with Jill’s famous salted caramel cookies is out to sabotage you. And why is it when you know you shouldn’t have it, you just want it MORE!

I’m here to tell you it does NOT have to be this hard. Ever again.

I’m the secret weapon ready to teach you how to “Bring it On!” I will help you dissolve the fear of diabetes to

  • Knowing which foods affect your blood sugar….it’ll become second nature!
  • Enjoying happy hour…… because you deserve to!
  • Eating that famous salted caramel cookie……because it tastes damn good!

Yes, you can BE THE BOSS of your Diabetes!

In 1992 I lost one of the most influential women in my life to a sudden heart attack resulting from uncontrolled diabetes. I was a self consumed teenager at the time and didn’t realize the impact it would have on me.

Today as a Registered Dietitian in the hospital, I can’t escape the growing stream of hard working women (and men) trying to balance professional careers and busy families admitted to the hospital because of chest pain.

I see their blood sugars elevated and hear the stories that their doctors told them a few years back they have “borderline” diabetes but never made it back for a follow up; “they’re too busy”. But fear of having diabetes is also paralyzing;

  • WHAT can I eat?
  • I CAN’T give up sugar!?
  • But I LOVE pasta.
  • My kids and husband are NEVER going to eat what I have to.
  • This is going to be expensive.
  • I HATE artificial sweeteners!
  • Am I going to have to give myself a SHOT!?!

The list of excuses is endless.

It was time to spread my talent wide. It was time to make sure vibrant, driven women didn’t suddenly end up life flighted across town.

I became a Registered Dietitian in 2000 and through the years, I have worked the clinical spectrum from long term care, private practice, consultant, and most recently as an in-patient hospital RDN.

Some professional accolades include:

  • Former President, Vice President and Secretary of the local Business & Professional Women (BPW) chapter.
  • Recognized as Women of the Year, 2013 BPW
  • Employee of the Year Nominee, Magruder Hospital
  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, member since 1998
  • Contributor to The Verve, Magruder Hospital publication

grandmapic2Patients love that I can meet them where they are in life.

I’ve worked with vegans to bacon lovers.

I can explain medical jargon so it’s easy to understand and I have a knack of talking about the proverbial elephant in the room that’s keeping you from being the healthiest version YOU want to be.

And dare I say that I can do it with ease AND fun.  

(Did you see the picture of my grandma? She passed on the fun gene!)

When I was struggling with outdated ideas about diet and nutrition, Kim came to the rescue! She provided encouragement and support, and shared her extensive knowledge of nutrition, wellness, and fitness. She was very easy to talk to, never made me feel silly or stupid, and helped me in areas that I struggled, such as how to plan ahead for a trip, how to deal with weekends that are less structured, and how to handle dining out to stay on track.  I am very fortunate to have met Kim and look forward to our continued collaboration!!

Emily Conboy

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, PhD Candidate

Kim drew from her vast store of knowledge and experience to create a custom plan for my brother Joe who was on the verge of Type II Diabetes. It was easy to implement and delicious! Plus, she coached the whole family so we could support him in his efforts to lose a few pounds, greatly improving his odds of staying healthy.

Joan Washburn

Professional Life Coach, Trainer and Speaker

Are You Ready to Be the BOSS of Your Diabetes? Then let's get started!