If you don’t realize we are in the prime of apple picking season, well you might be binge watching too many episodes of Fuller House on Netflix.

I love this season, especially now that I’m a mom. Even though I never remember doing this activity as a kid, the first time I went apple picking during my eldest daughters pre-school field trip, I was hooked. That was only 3 years ago but feels like an eternity.

I LOVE the idea of teaching my kids where their food comes from. Although it hasn’t quite encouraged the picky little boy to eat more vegetables, fingers are crossed one day, probably when I’m not around it will. He does however LOVE apples. 

In the meantime I am already the proud owner of ½ bushel of various, delicious apples and as I type this I’m scheduled to pick even more apples thanks to a Girl Scout outing to yet another orchard today. What this means is I need to start baking, cooking, eating more apples STAT! That and the pesky fruit flies that have found their way into my home where the apples “live” are no longer welcome. That’s the down side of having a 2 and 4yr old man the apples they pick. They can’t quite quality control those brown spots or buggy holes before going into the communal bushel bag like mom or dad.

So this week’s blog post is all about showcasing other people’s recipes. And since I’m not quite the baker and have minimal time to make things like delicious homemade crust, the recipes I’ve picked are easy. Now, I haven’t quite made all of these (yet). But if you are a follower of me on FB, this month’s challenge is actually getting our bums back in the kitchen, dusting off those recipes that we’ve been stashing away and COOKING!!

Here are my Top 5 Want to Try Apple Recipes. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these or better yet, your own fav apple dish.

  1. Ambitious Kitchen’s Healthy Apple Crisp: Little did I know when I started writing this that THIS recipe was going to be made by me in my home that night. It was fabulous! I only used 1/8 cup of maple syrup to mix in with the apples and used equal parts of coconut sugar and brown sugar. I ended also using close to 7, maybe 8 apples. I couldn’t keep track. Once I’d slice one up, little fingers would be stealing it off the cutting board then running away. Who can say no to apple stealing though.






2. Smitten Kitchen’s Lemon Ricotta Pancakes: This makes me think of San Francisco for all the right reasons. The first time I’ve ever seen the words ricotta and lemon associated with a pancake was in the city by the bay dining with fabulous friends. And trust me, they all pair well together.

3. Damn Delicious Vanilla Glazed Apple Cinnamon Muffins: This was my go to site not too long ago when I was eating meat. She has some fabulous EASY dishes on this site, some of which I’ve adapted to forgo the animal. But then bam, there’s a muffin recipe. Now with only 1/4 cup grated apples this isn’t going to quite lesson the stash but I love that there’s minimal added sugar. For me, I’d skip the vanilla drizzle. An extra step not worthy of my time.

4. Minimalist Baker Apple Pie Crumble Bars: This recipe broke the rules of getting in. It’s lengthy, thus probably time consuming and less than healthy despite it’s vegan adaptations (did you count up all that coconut oil ie. saturated fat? Remember I don’t care the source of saturated fat but try and keep it to a minimum). But I have this woman’s cookbook and her recipes do not disappoint. If someone would like to make this for me (glaze not necessary), I’d gladly accept.

5. Ambitious Kitchen Lean Turkey Apple & Maple Sausage Breakfast Patties: Have to go back to Monique and her fab website. This chic is on fire with the amount of recipes she posts. And many have won over our hearts. Again, I’m not eating meat but that doesn’t mean I won’t share meat recipes. Again I don’t even know why I’m not eating meat! (did you catch that post) Who knows I may be whipping these bad boys up post Thanksgiving. (I AM eating turkey on Thanksgiving!)

6. BONUS TRACK! HeidiS via AllRecipes and her Apple Potato Pancakes: Potato pancakes with applesauce on top and a side of sour cream for me is a childhood Buffalo staple. I grew up eating those and when I came across this recipe I thought Eureka why have I never thought about making potato pancakes with the apples INSIDE! Although honestly, I don’t make potato pancakes, that would require frying in a fairly good amount of oil. Instead I may summon my mom to make these for me (minus the green onion). Or I may just tackle it myself with a combo of pan frying and oven baking. I’ll keep you posted.

And that my friends is MORE than enough reasons to get your bum apple picking. You don’t need to be overwhelmed with a list of 50 Apple recipes; these 5..oops 6 are more than enough to keep you in the kitchen with a happy belly. Don’t forget to comment below or on my FB page your favorite way of using 70+ apples (yes. I counted.)